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How To Plan a Move

Moving to a new home has been one of the hardest things to do, and most people feel so stressed that they don’t even know where to start.  Few months or weeks to your moving time, you need to start making plans on that so as for you to make your step a bit faster and simpler. If you’ve done some scheduling and preparation, you’ll find that you’ll have time to appreciate the future changes.

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However, let’s not ignore that it’s a great time to move. Then, you’re done for some weeks! Close, but not too close. Each part of your move should be planned. Move to a new location with some excitements. However, in this article, we will share some tips that would help you when planning for your next move.

How To Plan a Move

1. One of the things to do when making planning for a move is to construct a reasonable moving budget plan. We know you would like to hire movers from the field, including the new section and the refrigerator, cool, right?

2. Request working time off on the day, Prepare to depart and move on a Friday, if necessary. You should schedule yourself for the rest of the weekend.

3. Build a Google Drive “moving” file or archive to store quotes, receipts, and documents relevant to your transfer. For instance, does Dan the mover quote you? Is it 10 or 15 boxes price? You won’t have all the details to recall. Instead, for simple comparison, set them in a text.

4. Plan estimates at home for a reliable moving service. If you’re trying to make a DIY pass, try out our free Penske discount.

5. Prepare how to move delicate or rare objects, such as guns, pianos, fine art, pool tables or safes. The list is moving on and on. The movers that you employ may not be able to transport any larger (or more expensive) products, and you will need to employ a specialist mover to do the job. Make sure you know just what the movers you hired are going to do and won’t move.

6. Please verify that the moving business is approved and protected by verifying its Department of Transportation number (also referred to as the DOT number). You don’t even have to stress about choosing the right moving company; PACKMEN got you covered on this, we will provide you with the list of a reputable moving company to choose.

7. Pick free boxes from liquor shops, convenience stores, office supply stores, or independent bookstores. Some of them have more bins than they know what to do, so they’re more than willing to turn them over for free. Here’s a rundown of the top 20 locations to find free boxes, and if you can’t spot any, offers light-duty, eco-friendly box sets for as little as $38 (with free shipping).

8. Create an inventory list listing all the valuables before they get on a moving vehicle. Often, keep a secret inventory of the boxes in which you stored your valuables.

9. When you’re moving to an apartment, find out if there are any conditions for a going day.

Although, there are still more couple of things to put in place as a plan towards your next moving, but if you apply the above tips we have shared, you shouldn’t experience much stress on your moving day!

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